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Our Core Values

  • Foundation - Since Scripture is the word of God and reveals God's nature, character, purposes, and acts, we seek to know and follow God through Scripture. We therefore give preeminence to the word of God and purpose to be doctrinally pure.

  • Connection - We will live our lives and execute ministry in the context of community. God exists in community (the Trinity) and created us in His image for community (relationship with Him and others). Therefore, we will stay connected to Him and others as we grow together.

  • Participation - We mutually practice the "priesthood of all believers." Our pastoral staff exists to equip our members to do ministry, blurring the traditional division between "clergy" and "laity." Our members are participants, not spectators.

  • Ascension - Times of "Spirit-led" corporate and personal prayer, praise and worship help us to rise above the carnality of the world. We seek to be led by the Holy Spirit; we purpose to dwell in his presence; we desire to glorify God in all we do.

  • Mission - We exist to give the message of Christ to those who don't know; to equip and develop those who believe. Our "marching orders" are patterned after the commission of Jesus who said to "Go into all the world...and make disciples."

  • Generational Imperative - We, the members of Christian Life Church must tenaciously devote ourselves to equip the coming generations for life, leadership, and service in God’s Kingdom.


What We Believe

  • God - The one eternal, living God exists in three persons in unity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Creation - The creation of the universe was the work of the one triune God, who called all things into existence out of nothing and made all living things. God made humanity in his image as male and female. God's crowning act of creation was the joining together of man and woman in marriage. As with all creation, it was created good and perfect.

  • Scripture - Holy Scripture is divinely inspired, authoritative, and without error in all it teaches.

  • Jesus - Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, atoned for our sin by means of his death, triumphantly rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, reigns in power--interceding for his people, and will return again for his bride at his Second Coming.

  • Humanity - Humanity was thoroughly corrupted through the fall and must repent and be regenerated by God's grace through faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Without Jesus, humanity is eternally separated from God.

  • Salvation -  God saves and sets believers apart for his purposes by means of Jesus' completed work on the cross. God continues to sanctify and mature them over time and will ultimately glorify his people through the resurrection of the dead with an incorruptible body. Believers in Christ persevere in their walk with God by abiding in Christ. Though God is utterly faithful to safeguard our walk in him, the decision to turn away from the faith is ultimately a possible decision of free will on our part.

  • The Church -  The church is a sign and a foretaste of God's kingdom. The church is being built by Jesus and it is empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim and demonstrate the message of Christ. The goal of the church's proclamation is to make disciples of all nations.

  • Baptism - Believers should be baptized in water, as opposed to the sprinkling as infants. Through baptism, one proclaims loyalty to Jesus above all others, declares our entry into the body of Christ, and pledges a clear conscience before God.

  • The Lord's Supper - The Lord’s Supper commemorates Jesus' sacrificial death and atonement; it proclaims Jesus' death until he comes.

  • Spirit Baptism - Believers are baptized in the Holy Spirit for assurance, purity, and power. Signs will accompany those who believe and walk in the Spirit.

  • Spiritual Gifts - The gifts of the Holy Spirit still exist today to build up the body of Christ for the good of the whole church. God has given the church certain gifted people to equip and prepare us for works of service until we all become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

  • Giving - Giving to God from the first fruits of our income is the privilege and responsibility of every believer. Tithes and offerings honor God, are an act of worship, and facilitate God's purposes in the earth. These principles are prevalent throughout Scripture.

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